My first periscope

Last night I was watching on as Danny-J from received over 1,000,000 hearts on her periscope. As we chatted about what holds us back I mentioned that I had yet to do my first scope out of fear that no one would want to listen to anything that I had to say or that I was simply not good enough. She called me out and told me to just do it! Do not wait for the perfect time, perfect lighting or perfect topic just get on and do it. She didn’t say all of that but she did tell me to do it and I listened. Today at 2:22 MST I did my first periscope. I did a version of a vlog I have recorded and deleted a hundred times over but this time I couldn’t back up. Once I said something it was out there and I kind of liked it. I am not sure what niche my scope will fall into or this blog for that matter. I am hoping it takes shape as I go and see who my audience is. For now I am still just a self proclaimed know it all who thinks the world could benefit from what she has to say. I am still a scared little girl on the inside, fearful of rejection and failure. Fearful that I will never really find my voice and my online presence will be no more than an invitation into the journal which I have struggled for years to keep hidden. Regardless I have begun the journey. I have put myself out there as is and decided to be apologetically me.